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Clown World: George Floyd Death Brings Out Most Stupid Leftists

It's hard to know what has been the most ridiculous act of virtue-signalling by leftists in the last 24 hours. It appears they have all been clamouring for attention, from rappers refusing to post on Instagram for 24 Hours (who actually gives a fuck?), to Stepford Wives begging forgiveness for their 'white privilege' (we can forgive the privilege, it's the stupidity we can't) the world appears to have taken another step, (if not leap) towards Clown World consuming us all.

A hot contender for the title of most stupid leftist is this virtue-signalling woman who made sure she was video'd kneeling in front of a black man in the street to apologise for her “white privilege”. It’s possible that the man, who introduces himself to her as a member of Black Lives Matter, is trolling, but her reaction is priceless nonetheless.

“I work for Black Lives Matter…but since I work for that company my CEO has told me to come out today and to bring you on your knees because you have white privilege, so if they see that a white person is getting on their knees, that shows solidarity for the situation,” he says.

The woman, who is wearing a face mask, then immediately gets down on her knees in the middle of the sidewalk.

If you're the woman in this video here's a quick tip: You don't have to comply with this nonsense, you can reserve the right to tell them to fuck off.

Or perhaps the accolade should go to the entire Apple organisation who froze their Music App browser and replaced it with a ‘F**k tha Police’ playlist ('cos, who needs the police eh Apple? By the way, good luck with that whole looting thing, I'm sure it will be fine).

The playlist contained a song by NWA called ‘F**k tha Police’ which includes the lyrics, “Beat a police out of shape. And when I’m finished. bring the yellow tape. To tape off the scene of the slaughter,” and “Punk police are afraid of me! Huh, a young nigga on the warpath. And when I’m finished, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. Of cops, dyin’ in L.A.” (they seem nice)

There is nothing people like better than being told what to think by a virtue-signalling multinational conglomerate that uses Chinese slave labour and where the factories literally have to be surrounded by suicide-nets to prevent abused workers killing themselves, showing they really care about 'justice'. Gives everybody a warm feeling inside.

Or perhaps the accolade should go to Nickelodeon who thought it was a good idea to scare the living crap out of children with an "I Can't Breathe" video playing for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, complete with the sound of a person taking their dying breath.

In this video posted on twitter by a concerned mother you can hear the woman's child being traumatised by the video, begging their mother to switch it off. This video was posted on twitter and, after the clip went viral, the mother was completely bullied by the usual Twitter mob, who then reported her and got her banned from the platform.

This is the world we live in now. Do we have no choice but to embrace the madness?

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