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Chris Whitty Will Dictate What Food You Can Buy in New Plan to Tackle Obesity

Current Chief Medical Officer to head-up new Government department: Office for Health Promotion after 'success' with Pandemic.

Professor Chris Whitty has been named as the likely head of a new Health Department, in the aftermath of the pandemic, likely to be called The Office for Health Promotion (OHP). The first item on Whitty's to do list is to target obesity using the same methods as Coronavirus; New powers will see Whitty impose more rules and diktats on everyone, not just those at high risk. In the same way he quarantined everyone and not just the sick, Whitty is planning a raft of new laws and diktats forcing shoppers to eat foods that he and his department will have pre-approved.

The previous department responsible for the nations health, Public Health England, previously attempted to tackle it with hundreds of targets and initiatives, over the last eight years they bombarded retailers and manufacturers with hundreds of targets almost on a weekly basis. The difference this time is that the pandemic model will be used with sweeping new powers to enforce the rules.

Advice will be ditched in favour of laws, taxes and huge fines on companies that disobey. Shops will be banned from selling lines to certain cohorts, whilst manufacturers will be ordered to reduce sugar content and the remaining 'offending' items will be heavily taxed forcing them out of the reach of most.

Whitty has been the source of the science this government has been forced to follow. He and his SAGE colleagues have been massively emboldened by the Pandemic. Whitty's coconspirator Neil Ferguson said he couldn't believe they "got away with it" telling you all you need to know about how they view the Coronavirus Act.

Whitty has already launched a series of attacks on the food industry, slamming supermarkets for what he calls "their sugar-laden shelves and brands for their exploitative marketing of sporting events." which angered supermarkets and manufacturers, particularly after recent events. Whitty doesn't much care what the companies thick though, he has already lined up a raft of 'sin taxes' that he will be able to implement without challenge, exactly as he did with the Lockdowns.

It is very likely that Health Passports will play a big role in future plans. Your health record could be linked to your grocery shopping in a simple click of the mouse. This may seem far-fetched to some but astonishingly this is already done in China where it is mandatory and as we adopted the Chinese communist party's model of fighting a virus, lockdowns and entire society oppression, it will be too tempting for Whitty and his socialist cronies not to do the same again.

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