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Captain Tom Moore Tribute Ripped Down By Activists

Captain Sir Tom Moore - Credit: Twitter

A tribute placed to commemorate Captain Sir Tom Moore on the plinth of Edward Colston has been torn down.

Following Captain Sir Tom Moore’s death earlier this month, Mark Hall wanted to honour the national hero by placing a tribute in Bristol city centre on what had been the plinth of Edward Colston. The tribute consisted of a large poster of the Captain waving a British flag with the words “Tomorrow will be a good day. RIP Sir Tom” written across the bottom.

However, just one day since the erection of the tribute, it was pulled down and put in a nearby rubbish bin. The tribute was quickly retrieved by passers by and placed it back on the iconic plinth.

Mr Hall the tribute's creator said: “Some divvy pulled it down – totally disgusting.” “I felt very sad when I heard about his death. He’s done so much for the NHS and the country when he was in the Army, and then he was killed by coronavirus, which he was raising so much money for.”

It is unclear who was responsible for this disgusting act, but as it was the site of the Colston statue that a BLM statue replaced, it is likely activists linked to them.

This attack on Captain Tom follows another by Black activists last week including a Vicar who claimed that Captain Tom was a 'sign of White Supremacy'. If Captain Tom does represent white supremacy, then sign me up.

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