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Cancel Christmas? F**K OFF Hancock!

We don't believe your lies anymore Hancock;

We now know that the death-rate for Covid is no greater than the flu; that Vallance and Whitty lied over infection rates; that the PCR and Lateral flow tests are useless and fuelling the hysteria; that those who actually contract the virus have a better than 99% chance of recovery, that the NHS is NOT overwhelmed; that seasonal respiratory illness rates are normal for this time of year; that everything from seasonal flu to road deaths are listed as Covid-19; and that if there ever was a pandemic, it was over in June.

We also know that a 3 week lockdown turned into 6 months and counting; that masks were repeatedly dismissed by 'experts' as ineffective in the beginning, before suddenly mandating them everywhere, punishable by law; we know that Vallance and Whitty have become drunk on power; we know that Covid 19 has not changed life-expectancy rates one iota anywhere in the world and we know that lockdowns don't stop a virus, especially an imaginary one.

We also know that Lockdowns are killing five times more people than Coronavirus, that the 'excess deaths' attributed to the Coronavirus were largely caused by the lockdown itself; we know that the country is on the verge of bankruptcy; that thousands of businesses will be permanently closed; that 670,000 people have already lost their jobs and many more will follow; and that the 'evidence' from your so-called experts was faked.

Enough is enough, so f*ck off Hancock, and take those two absolute c***s Whitty and Vallance with you when you go.

Darren Birks is the seething Editor of Vision News Online

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