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Bridgen Expelled From Conservative Party for Raising Concerns About Covid Vaccines

Andrew Bridgen has been expelled from the Conservative Party after raising genuine concerns about coronavirus vaccine safety.

Mr. Bridgen was stripped of the Tory whip and forced to sit as an independent MP in January after tweeting the comments of an Israeli doctor who had described the Covid vaccines as the “biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”. The Israeli doctor has since gone on record to say that it was his comment, and that Mr Bridgen was not anti-semitic for repeating his statement.

However, it was clear from the behavior of Tory party officials that if it wasn't this statement, it would be something else. The immediate response from officials was to call Mr Bridgen a conspiracy theorist and anti-semitic. A Conservative Party spokesman confirmed today that Mr. Bridgen has now been formally kicked out of the party, the Telegraph reports. The spokesman said:

Mr. Bridgen was expelled from the Conservative Party on April 12th following the recommendation of a disciplinary panel. He has 28 days from this date to appeal.

Andrew Bridgen responded by Tweeting:

Andrew Bridgen has not only raised concerns about the safety of the Covid Vaccine but has raised them about the WHO Treaty and the NHS use of Midazolam in the early days of the 'Pandemic' that resulted in thousands of early deaths.


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