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BP Leaked Driver Shortage Story to Get Cheap Labour from Eastern Europe

Multinational conglomerate strong-armed Government because they want cheap labour from Europe.

BP have been pressuring the British Government for several weeks to relax immigration rules so they can employ cheap labour from Poland again, making increasing claims that they would impose rationing at the pumps and disrupt supplies if their demands weren't met. Two weeks ago lobby groups working on behalf of the oil giant met with the Government with tales of mass shortages, and a 'winter of discontent' to come if their demands weren't met.

The oil giant was not prepared to pay the £35.00 to £40,000 a year salary of a British tanker-driver, and so lobbied the government to relax visa rules so they could employ cheap labour from eastern Europe where salaries are half those demanded by UK Truckers.

Motorists' groups have been baffled by the issue now being thrust into the public's attention, after a summer of low-level disruption barely registered. The timing of the crisis appeared more than a little suspicious, coming the same week as the energy crisis, and Co2 shortages, with some industry experts saying that the entire supply chain issue is 'not by accident'. Yesterday a government source alleged that BP's claims of shortages were deliberately leaked to the BBC in order to strongarm the government into relaxing rules on free movement of people. The reality is that only 4 stations, out of 1200, were actually closed. A situation that industry insiders claimed was easily manageable.

BP denied the story saying: "that is flat-out wrong, we reject the suggestion." But someone leaked the story knowing full-well that it would cause panic-buying at the pumps. Suspicions have been raised on the haulage industry and the industries it supplies, from oil companies to supermarkets. Lobby-groups have spent months urging government to relax visa rules and reverse Brexit. The Road Haulage Association (RHA), whose Director of Strategy was once a BBC executive and a hardened opponent of Brexit, was also on the call with Downing Street and it was the BBC who pushed the story incessantly last week, effectively creating the crisis by causing the panic buying we are now seeing at the pumps.

Sheeple think it's a consequence of Brexit, but in reality it's just the manipulation of multinational companies to get cheap labour.

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