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Boy Featured in Vaccine Video DIES of CARDIAC ARREST at 8 Years of Age

Pediatrician father put son forward for propaganda video.

An Israeli child has died at the age of just eight, three years after appearing in a government propaganda video instructing children that they had to follow the rules and get a Covid vaccine when it became available.

Yonatan Erlichman was five years old at the time of the video, which he starred in with his father, a pediatrician, produced by Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, a regional government body. The propaganda video also featured a friendly puppet “child” who asks questions to prompt actual people to respond with “educational answers.”

Authorities said the video was "to entertain and educate” children, but was clearly designed to push vaccines onto small children.

The video was said by critics to frighten children into getting the vaccine. The particular episode in which Yonatan appeared was entitled, “In Quarantine with Shushki,” and opens with the puppet frightened that his “brother” has been forced into quarantine and sits alone in his room behind a closed door. Shushki is shocked that entire kindergarten classes have been forced into quarantine and even whole schools were closed down, with every child quarantined. His anxious voice then expresses his diminishing mental state as he says he keeps hearing of another person, and another, being quarantined, including his mother.

Yonatan's father, Dr. Ira Erlichman who also featured in the video, is in fact a pediatrician practicing at Jerusalem's top hospital system, Hadassah. Dr. Erlichman takes over the “conversation” with Shushki, convincing the puppet of the “necessity” of quarantining people for a full 14 days after some suspected contact with a potentially COVID-positive person, even though they will probably test negative for COVID in the end.

The doctor expands the conversation to let Shushki know that children also need to obey other COVID rules like social distancing, masking and testing. He even tells the puppet that he cannot enter the bathroom used by his “mother” long after she has left the bathroom.


On the eve of the Jewish nation's holiest day, Yom Kippur, 8-year-old Yonatan went into cardiac arrest while in a bath tub causing him to lose consciousness and slip down below the water line. By the time a family member found him he had no pulse. Though able to bring back some vital signs with CPR, doctors were ultimately unable to save him and were forced to declare his death a few days later in the hospital.

Dr. Erlichman did not address his son's vaccination status in a family statement translated by Arutz Sheva.

Our Yonatan Moshe passed away a short time ago. On the eve of Yom Kippur, Yonatan went into cardiac arrest in our home, and since then we have struggled by his side after he collapsed. With love, we thank all those dear to us, who were by our side during the last days of his life. Details of the funeral date will be provided later, Yael, Ira, and the girls.

The video itself was filmed in July 2020, five months before the COVID mRNA injections were rolled out in Israel. The end of the video, however, provides a clue as to Dr. Erlichman's approach to the coming jab for his son and other children:

Shushki: Tell me doctor, when will Corona finish? Dr. Erlichman: We are now trying to create a vaccine for it. You know what a vaccine is? Shushki: A vaccine is something that makes it that you won't catch Corona. Dr. Erlichman: It makes the body recognize the Corona before you get it and makes sure that you will battle it.

The doctor then compares the COVID vaccine being developed to existing vaccines, which, he assures the children viewing the show, protects every child who gets them.

Dr. Erlichman: Haven't you gotten vaccines in your life? Shushki: Right, my mother told me that I got the vaccine against hepatitis. Dr. Erlichman: What else? Shushki: Whooping cough. Dr. Erlichman: All these vaccines are for diseases that we once didn't know how to fight them and today we know — we give an injection, that sometimes isn't pleasant, and afterwards no child gets sick from this illness.

Erlichman adds that, in any case, it's not for the children to decide about injections.

Shushki: I don't like injections. Dr. Erlichman: No one likes injections, but sometimes there's no choice, right?

And don't be selfish

Finally, the doctor prods the puppet to take the coming jab whether or not he himself needs it, since he must protect others.

Dr. Erlichman: I want to tell you something very important. . . . You must always remember that everything we're doing is to protect who? Shushki: Grandpa and grandma. Dr. Erlichman: . . . and sick people. . . . [W]e're doing this for those whom Corona endangers, and this creates a good feeling in the heart, that you're able to help, right? Shushki: Right. I'm glad I listened to Yonatan and came to you. Dr. Erlichman: Great. Let's have a Corona handshake.

Dr. Erlichman concludes by bumping elbows with the puppet.


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