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Boris Johnson to Implement Vaccine Apartheid as 'Punishment' for Anti-Vaxxers, Claims Whistleblower

Those without vaccine face years of government victimisation as they impose two tier society.

A source in Whitehall who previously told Vision News how the government had purposefully 'hobbled' every stage of the unlocking roadmap has now said that the relaxing of restrictions only for those who have taken the vaccine is actually designed to target anti vaxxers.

"It is only giving back freedoms that the vaccinated already have" the Whitehall source said,

"but, by definition, if you're favouring one set of people, another is going to suffer, and Boris wants the anti-vaxxers to suffer, taking away their freedom is the easiest way to do that"

He added "Holidays, the huge cost of quarantine, barring from venues.. it's all done to make anti-vaxxers lives to difficult that they'll eventually buckle and accept the vaccine."

Fully-vaccinated Britons will soon be given back their freedoms to live as normal, even if they have come into contact with a coronavirus sufferer, it has been reported. Ministers have been advised by Spi-M who have suggested that proposals to allow those with both jabs to carry on as normal will force many into accepting the vaccine as they see their own lives still effectively under house arrest.

Officials have admitted, not that this is an affront to people's civil liberties and basic human rights, but that the unvaccinated may try to 'game' the system or ignore the rules, telling you all you need to know about the mentality of the Government.

The government's strategy has also seen weeks of the Indian variant being hyped. Every day it claims more infections are being discovered, but as we have seen the link between infections and death has never been made, only the link between testing and cases.

A meeting of the Covid Operations Committee on Monday is expected to see ministers sign off the plan to lift all restrictions on double-jabbed people whilst tightening the movements of those who have refused the experimental drug.

The 'focus' is all about the unvaccinated. Dr Bharat Pankhania, a senior clinical lecturer in communicable diseases at the University of Exeter's medical school, said he thought it was 'perfectly OK' for people who had received two doses of a coronavirus vaccine to be exempt from quarantine measures. whilst the Leading doctors who have called for 'targeted Covid measures' to stay after July 19, are meaning the unvaccinated as the targets.

Some 33.2million people had received both doses of the vaccine as of Thursday morning but the focus is not on the yet to be vaccinated, but on the anti-vaccinated, according to the Whitehall source. Schools, Universities and FE colleges are gearing up to vaccinate all children and young people before September. Two psychological campaigns, created by Spi-M, have been launched to cajole the young and parents of children into having the vaccine, but ministers are planning to go further and make it mandatory to have the Covid-19 jab for entry to a school or university by September onwards.

Spi-M, who have planned all the attacks on anti-vaxxers since December 2020 have convinced ministers that separating vaccinated and unvaccinated within society is not against an individual's human rights as they have the 'option' to obtain their freedom at any time, so what if that 'option' is an experimental drug that's killed over a thousand and caused nearly a million injuries?

Unvaccinated people should expect a 'summer of victimisation' as the Government's Covid Committee implement plans to effectively keep those not complying under permanent house arrest, with last Saturday's million people march prompting them to 'crack down' on freedom thinkers.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jul 04, 2021

Really, Johnson Heads on spikes. Against many codes, unlawful. Get knotted.

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