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Boris Johnson Says Getting the Vaccine 'is A RULE' Amid Restriction Changes

Whilst the Chief Medical Officer trashes the Lockdown Policy.

As Monday's go, this isn't especially a good one for the English Government, whilst announcing restrictions being slightly relaxed, with two households or groups of up to six people being allowed to meet outside in England again, the Prime Minister let slip his mindset over vaccine uptake, and his Chief Medical Officer exposes the lockdown policy as the bollocks it really is.

Stay-at-home Covid restrictions come to an end for those in England today, and up to six people allowed to meet outdoors. But Boris Johnson let slip his true intentions for the Vaccine when announcing the new restriction level.

Johnson has 'urged caution', at the announcement, saying cases are up in Europe and 'variants threaten the vaccine rollout.' then stated "Despite today's easements, everyone must continue to stick to the rules, remember hands, face, space, and come forward for a vaccine when called."

The announcement that the PM thinks that 'coming forward for the vaccine when called' is 'a rule' will further anger those, including some in the PM's own party, who are concerned that the public are being forced into taking the vaccine against their will. As we have previously reported, the government have secretly devised plans to coerce the public into having the jab, whilst publicly denying they exist. Johnson's announcement gives us an insight into his mindset around the vaccine issue: the plebs must take it. So much for freedom of choice.

In the very same announcement Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty also inadvertently revealed things he shouldn't. Whitty contradicted the entire lockdown policy, that he and his co-conspirators imposed on the British people, in the first place, by declaring "The evidence is very clear that outdoor spaces are safer than indoors. It is important to remember this as we move into the next phase." If that is the case, why the fuck where 70 million people locked up indoors for months on end? Why were people arrested for going outside?, harassed by police for being in a park, their own garden, and accused of being granny killers for daring to go to the beach? All the evidence, and plain common sense, tells us that there is virtually no risk being outside, and that the vast majority of infections were spread in the home, the very place we were all confined to like common criminals on licence.

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