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Boris Johnson Must Go! Now. A Second National Lockdown Proves It

It is now abundantly clear that Boris Johnson is not fit to be British Prime Minister, and he needs to be removed from office, today. That he so easily, and so readily, is able to be duped by mad scientists who have guessed, exaggerated and lied their way through this debacle for their own nefarious ends, shows that he is not up to the job. He’s not just out of his depth here, but a danger to the welfare of every single man, woman and child in this country.

The evidence does not support a second lockdown. Moreover, detailed analysis of it shows that Covid-19 IS NO THREAT to 99.96% of the population. To destroy a country’s economy, make millions unemployed, raise death-rates of real illnesses to unprecedented levels on the basis of one (flawed) computer model is not just demented, it is outright criminal.

Toxic nerds Vallance and Whitty again showed some meaningless slides that, they claim, justifies plunging us all into the full-on dystopian nightmare of their making. A sick game where beta males wield massive power over everyone else's lives that, in any other anthropological setting, they would not have. Even if they believed the shit that they’re shovelling, and in all likelihood they can’t be that stupid, a virus of this type, that is closely related to the common cold, is not worth destroying the country for. Not even close. Like Johnson, these two idiots need to be removed from their jobs. Right Now.

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