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BLM: Educate Yourselves Before Demanding We Do

How many times has some Millennial screamed at you to "educate yourself" in the last two months either on TV or in person? The implication being that, not only are you a racist, you're an ignorant racist. Some angry teen on TikTok armed with two facts, both of which are wrong, snarling at you and I for not caring about their perceived victimhood, and our lack of enthusiasm determined as racism, does nothing to further their cause, only serving to show them as the thick bigots they really are.

It is the spectacular ignorance of the angry millennial that is the problem. Their lack of any historical knowledge, even about their own people, is fuelling a myopic mania and not seeing White people dancing to their demented tune only makes them more demented.

These delicate little souls, are angry, very angry, because the political, educational, and media establishment have repeatedly told them they are the only victims of a terrible injustice that all white people are still to atone for. Even top tories have cowed before hard-left cultural Marxists, obsessed with race, gender and sexuality and have allowed them to dictate political debate. What utter bollocks.

It’s nearly 200 years since Britain lead the way in abolishing the Slave Trade wherever the Royal Navy ruled the waves. Today our history, culture and identity are being held to ransom by the hard-left Black Lives Matter movement, yet real slavery exists in the world TODAY! The Atlantic slave trade was wholly immoral, as all slavery is, and sadly slavery has been a constant throughout all civilisations for thousands of years, yet it is only the Atlantic Slave Trade, that ended some 200 years ago, for which an entire people alive today have to atone for the sins of their ancestors.

A fact that BLM won’t tell you is that there were more WHITE slaves bought and sold in North Africa than Blacks transported to America. The Arab slave trade started in the 9th century and continues to this day. They also won't tell you that Christians were enslaved for 700 years in Islamic Spain, or that European slaves were still bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire for decades after African Americans were freed in the United States. Have THEIR descendants ‘taken the knee’? And how was that freedom won? How was slavery eradicated throughout much of the world? BY BRITAIN. WE were the ones who banned the international slave trade in 1833 and the British Royal Navy forcibly put the Atlantic slavers out of business, and that Britain spent 40% of its entire economic wealth in eradicating it. And let’s not forget that America which tore itself apart in a civil war costing half a Million White Lives over this too. Today their descendants are called ‘far-right racists with White Privilege’ who 'need to accept their collective guilt' for the state of the planet before 1865.

The United Nations has urged us to ‘Confront the legacy of slavery’ by paying reparations to the dependents of enslaved peoples. The United Nations can fuck off. Before we start doing that, let's call on the governments of Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya to begin the process of confronting THEIR historical slave practices by paying reparations to the United Kingdom whose ancestors were brutalised and enslaved by THEIR people. After all fair is fair.

Why don’t BLM turn its attention to to the nine million Black men, women and children, enslaved in Africa Today? If Black lives matter, surely freeing millions of currently enslaved Black people is more important than defunding the police or destroying capitalism. The fact that Black Lives Matter isn’t interested in modern-day Black slaves or confronting human rights outrages in Zimbabwe, Venezuela or China tells you all you need to know. Their founders are proclaimed ‘trained Marxists’ and their followers are cultural vandals. They’re only interested in perpetual grievance-mongering and sowing racial discord. No one is defending slavery! But when dangerous groups are leveraging white-guilt to pursue demented political ideologies it’s time to stand up for ourselves and push back against this malicious falsification of history.

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder boasts of her 'Marxist Training'

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