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Bill Gates 'Raping' Nebraska land with Intensive Farming

Bill Gates' intensive farming in Nebraska is reportedly devastating the State's rural economy for profit say locals.

Gates owns over 20,000 acres of farmland in Nebraska, the farms being bought up by 20 shell companies Gates set up to disguise the purchases. Gates is reportedly 'intensive farming' on these sites, as well as allegedly experimenting with Frankenstein crops, destroying the farming State says its Senator.

Gates's farmland acquisitions in Nebraska are part said to be part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation drive for sustainability and climate change. Gates claims that these farms are nonprofit 'charities' and so gets tax-exemption, but is reportedly able to raise loans of over $700 million against them as business assets according to State Senator Tom Brewer.

In an email written by him the Senator talks of how Gates farming is "decimating" the counties where they're located and calls for force action from the Legislature to protect the counties from Gates activates.

But 'Cascade Asset Management', the company that manages Gates's farmland investments, said they are 'not connected' to the foundation. "The investments that Cascade makes in Nebraska farmland are not connected with the agricultural or climate initiatives of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation," a Cascade spokesperson said in an email to the Flatwater Free Press.

Even more confusingly, in a November episode of Trevor Noah's podcast, Gates said Cascade purchased the land on his behalf because it was a 'good investment.' "The decision to buy this land was made by people who help manage my money so that we get a good return so that the foundation can buy more vaccines," he said. "And they saw that if we could invest in land and (improve) the productivity of that land, that it would have a good return."

In just six years Gates has acquired over 270,000 acres of prime farmland which he makes various claims about, depending on who's asking. By purchasing these farms through a series of shell companies, 'charities' and the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation he can both claim they are non-profit 'good for the planet' operations, and private business investments simultaneously, something he has done with Vaccine manufacture, where he secretly made a 9-1 return during Covid.



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