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Biden says "We're Not in a Recession" after changing the Definition of What is One

It's a 'transition'

Joe Biden, between bouts of Covid isolation, has announced that the United States is NOT in a recession which comes as a surprise to millions of Americans who thought they were. Biden, assured the American people that they were wrong, and that the country is, in fact, "seeing stable and steady growth" and "lower inflation" which is reassuring to know.

What could explain the discrepancy between what the average American is experiencing and the Biden administration's analysis? Easy, Biden's team have simply changed the definition of what constitutes a recession.

This is not a recession; this is a 'transition'.

Keen observers have warned that what the country is 'transitioning to' is the Great Reset, and that breaking the economy, pricing people out of driving cars and eating meat is proof that the country is headed for the Klaus Schwab dystopia.

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