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Biden Government Begins Jailing Political Opponents as Proud Boys Leader Gets 22 Years in Jail

Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison Over January 6 and he wasn't even there.

The Biden administration has begun jailing its political opponents with Proud Boys Leader being the first of many on their list including that of Donald Trump himself who dared to question the 2020 election results.

Enrique Tarrio has been given 22 years in jail for the January 6th riot despite the fact that Tarrio did not participate in the riot, and was not even in Washington State on January 6th.

Tarrio was not actually present at the Capitol during the riot because he had already been arrested two days prior to the event.

Incredibly the 22-year sentence given by District Judge Tim Kelly is less than the 33-year sentence sought by prosecutors but still the longest given to any political prisoner in US history. Three other Proud Boys leaders who were convicted by a jury of the crime of 'seditious conspiracy' alongside Tarrio in May, Zach Rehl, Joe Biggs and Ethan Nordean, these too received shocking sentences of 15, 17 and 18 years, respectively.

Tarrio was not even at the Capitol on Jan. 6 a fact that should have seen him walk free from court. The politically motivated conviction rested on the fact that Tarrio was opposed to the Biden administration taking office with that alone being enough to convict him. The police had arrested Tarrio two days before for an unrelated incident. Tarrio had destroyed a Black Lives Matter banner, something that had got him arrested and charged before being ordered to leave the city. Prosecutors argued that his absence “does nothing to detract from the severity of his conduct.” - that conduct equating to being a political opponent of Joe Biden.

“By provoking a desire for political violence among his followers, creating [Ministry of Self-Defense], filling it with men he could trust to ‘fit in or fuck off,’ inflaming the group with rage against law enforcement, and then turning it loose on the Capitol, Tarrio did far more harm than he could have as an individual rioter,” they wrote in a court document. “Using his powerful platform, Tarrio has repeatedly and publicly indicated that he has no regrets about what he helped make happen on January 6.”

Despite the fact Tarrio was not physically present during the January 6 Capitol riot, Judge Kelly asserted Tarrio, as leader of the Proud Boys, was responsible for the conduct of other Proud Boys members who were at the Capitol.

The jailing of Proud Boys members in the US for daring to oppose the tyrannical government follows Canada's treatment of its political opponents as organisers of the freedom Convoy face prison for 'crimes against the Canadian state'.


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