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BBC political Editor Confronted by Anti-Lockdown Protestors

and does a runner

A video appeared on Twitter today showing BBC political editor Nicholas Watt being chased and confronted by anti-lockdown protesters outside Downing Street.

Protests are once again growing after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yet another delay to the lifting of the UK’s lockdown restrictions. There is particular anger at BBC reporters who have consistently spun the Covid narrative whilst completely ignoring or villafying those who don't agree with lockdowns.

A third day of protests has been held outside Downing street and, sadly for Nicholas Watt, the protesters weren't especially pleased to see him. Once the BBC Newsnight editor was spotted he became the focus of the anger of protestors who have witnessed nothing but bias reporting from the BBC over the Pandemic. Watt was caught off guard and, after attempting to get through the crowd, ran away, possibly back from where he came, up his own arse, though that last bit is only speculation.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jun 16, 2021

You wouldn't show what I've got to say.....................He received local justice !

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