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BBC Panorama PPE Investigation Was Really Party Political Broadcast - Guido Fawkes

The BBC last night presented these Labour Party Members as suffering doctors and nurses, innocent victims of the PPE scandal but as Paul Staines revealed, they're anything but.

Last night's Panorama was really a party political broadcast for the Labour Party. This is the conclusion of Paul Staines via his blog Guido Fawkes. His investigation revealed that most of the doctors, nurses and experts interviewed were, in reality, Labour Party members, who have featured in their videos, are campaign activists, and Momentum & Corbyn supporters.

Paul Staines was particularly critical of John Ashton, the presenter of last night's program, whose long-standing left-wing anti-government views, and Labour membership, fail to come anywhere near the 'political impartiality' the BBC is supposed to adhere to.

We have long-since known of the BBC's lack of impartiality, we saw it throughout the Brexit campaign and we see it now with Donald Trump, and each time it is displayed it strengthens the argument for the Licence Fee to be abolished.

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