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BBC Admit Trying to Smear Dyson With Fake Tax-Lobby Story, But Damage is Done

Snivelling Marxists at the BBC press office have apologised for smearing James Dyson as a Tory who sleazily lobbied for tax advantages, issuing an apology (of sorts).

The BBC statement read:

We accept that Sir James Dyson is not a prominent Conservative supporter as was stated in some of our coverage of his text messages with the Prime Minister. The James Dyson Foundation made a charitable gift to support the Wiltshire Engineering Festival for school children. We accept that this does not signal affiliation to any political party and we would like to put the record straight. Sir James also raised concerns about the accuracy of other aspects of our reporting. We wish to make clear that Sir James contacted Number 10 in response to the Prime Minister’s direct request to him for assistance in relation to the urgent need for ventilators and incurred costs of £20 million which his company voluntarily absorbed in trying to assist in the national emergency. His text messages to the Prime Minister were also later sent to officials. We are sorry that these facts were not always reflected in our coverage, and we apologise for not doing so.

In response, Sir James Dyson said

“The BBC now acknowledges that it was wrong and has issued an apology – which I accept. To justify its claim that I am a “prominent Conservative supporter” the BBC shamefully twisted our charitable gift to school children to suit their political narrative. The Prime Minister asked Dyson to help at a time of crisis, in the national interest, and we did just that. We dropped everything and focused on the national effort. Far from any gain, the project cost us £20 million – a sum we voluntarily bore. I am proud of the efforts of every Dyson person who contributed and we would do precisely the same again. It was deeply disappointing, for me and for the hundreds of Dyson people who gave it their all, to have our efforts developing an emergency ventilator mischaracterised and used for political mudslinging.”

But for millions of BBC viewers, the original smear is what will stick. The reason being that the original story was run as a lead on the 6 o'clock News where it will have reached millions, in contrast, the apology is buried on the BBC's own website, out of sight of the millions of viewers who will now firmly believe the lies that the BBC said about James Dyson. The BBC have form for this type of deception. Remember the 4 year old Mexican 'cage girl' who was photographed at the US border? The BBC claimed she had been separated from her parents and placed in a cage. This was a complete fabrication. The photo was real but the entire story around events that night were lies. When the child's parents issued a press release the following day saying that they were never separated from their child and nobody was put in any cages, the BBC's retraction of the story was a two line Tweet. Millions of people still believe that the cute little girl's treatment was barbaric and sanctioned by the 'evil' Donald Trump, when, in reality, the family was simply turned away at the border.

The 'imbalance' between lie and retraction is huge, for justice to be had for James Dyson the BBC should be made to give the retraction the same precedence as the original lie. Or better still abolish the BBC altogether.

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