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BAME Men Twice As Likely To Break Lockdown Rules In England and Wales New Report Finds

Analysis of fixed-penalty notices found the BAME group as a whole were 1.6 times more likely to break lockdown rules than their white counterparts.

Police had to deal with nearly twice as many black and Asians breaking lockdown rules than their white counterparts, according to new figures released by Police authorities. For young Black and Asian men the difference was even more pronounced. Young men aged between 18 and 34 from BAME groups were blatantly disregarding the rules at around twice the rate of young white men, the study found. This adds to data that indicates the BAME community is, in many cases, not following the guidelines around socially distancing and wearing masks. There is now a wealth of evidence that shows towns and cities that have experienced severe spikes in the virus, such as Bradford, Blackburn, Leicester, Oldham and Rotherham just happen to also have the highest percentage of BAME residents outside of Greater London. This could just be a coincidence.

However, the NPCC found 17,039 fines were issued between 27 March and 25 May, which represents only three fines per 10,000 people. The rate for black people was 4.6 per 10,000 and for Asian people it was 4.7. Despite what Race campaigners claim there is no evidence of racial bias as the figures reflect the disproportionally higher rates of Black and Asian men convicted of crimes compared to their percentage of the population. In a predictable comment from the now politicised police force, NPCC chair, Martin Hewitt, suggested the figures “raised alarms” and that “individual forces should consider how they tackle racial bias.” He then suggested: “While it is a complex picture, it is a concern to see disparity between white and black, Asian or ethnic minority people. Each force will be looking at this carefully to assess and mitigate any risk of bias – conscious or unconscious – and to minimise disproportionate impact wherever possible.”

Hewitt went on to say “After the killing of George Floyd, there has been a real look internally at the progress that we have made in terms of policing relationships with the black community and the inclusivity of policing. We have done a lot, but we haven’t done enough and it hasn’t gone fast enough. We are in the process of working through what will be a significant new plan of action in terms of how we deal with issues of inclusivity within the service. The findings of this analysis will be further considered as part of that work.”

The Bias here is on the part of progressive campaigners who believe any difference in these figures is evidence of Racism. Whilst any reference to it is Racism too. How quickly the name of George Floyd is wheeled out, how quickly the words ‘unconscious bias’ are banded around as if this, frankly meaningless phrase, explains everything. So pervasive is this mindset that everyone in public office, such as Hewitt, have to spout this leftist propaganda, for fear of suffering the Twitter mob, or losing their job.

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