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999 Cardiac Calls for Patients Under 30 'Took Off' at the Exact Point of Vaccine Rollout

4500 excess cardiac emergencies in Individuals Under 30 - Something was very wrong.

Pathologist Claire Craig has tweeted another shocking chart as she continues to expose the sheer scale of harm from the Covid-19 'vaccine'.

Tweeting on Wednesday Dr Craig wrote:

"Cardiac ambulance calls in under 30s started to rise in mid July 2020 but it really took off with vaccine rollout. Inhaled spike may have had some effect but injected spike seems to have been the main culprit. Graph shows the cumulative total over time."

Claire Craig goes on to tweet "England: 4500 excess Cardiac Emergencies in Individuals Under 30."

These charts are based on a FOI request by Duncan Husband and presented by Fabian Spieker who runs

The data also revealed more shocking stats about heart attacks in the under 30s:

At the end of 2021 the vaccination rate in 12-29 year olds across England was on average 71%.

If we take this figure and multiply it by the population size of 12-29 year olds in West Midlands, we arrive at an at-risk population size of 938,927.

4337 / 938927 = 0.0046 = 0.46%. I estimate that roughly 0.46% of England's vaccinated population ages 12-29 suffered cardiac emergencies.

"Most cardiac injuries are clinically silent. The figure of total heart injuries in this subpopulation is probably north of 10%."



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