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5,000 Non-Covid Excess Deaths in the Last Five Weeks but Media Silent

Official data from the ONS released yesterday add a further 730 non-Covid excess deaths in England and Wales to the total of the last five weeks, bringing the figure to 4,964 and not a single media outlet mentions it.

Nearly 5,000 more people than usual have died in England and Wales in the last five weeks alone of causes other than COVID-19 and has been met by total silence from everyone. Just imagine if the 5,000 deaths were from Covid, or Monkeypox, the BBC would have lead with the story on the six o'clock news.

Not Covid or Monkeypox

But these aren't Covid or Monkeypox deaths and so won't get any coverage whatsoever. You are unlikely to hear about these deaths on any other news outlet. With the entirety of the media turning a blind eye nobody is being compelled to investigate.

Massive rise in Non-Covid Deaths

Total deaths in the most recent week were 10.1% above the five-year average, (that average supposedly including the massive amount of Covid Deaths claimed by the powers that be) and can be seen in the chart below. The chart shows in blue that Covid deaths account for less than half of all excess deaths this week, though note that the chart over-counts Covid deaths as it includes any death with Covid. The 4,964 figure for non-Covid excess deaths quoted above is calculated using deaths due to Covid, i.e., where Covid is recorded as the underlying cause on the death certificate.

Private homes, care homes and hospitals are all experiencing excess deaths at present: 23.4%, 6.5% and 5.3% respectively in the most recent week.

Don't mention the Vaccine

The ONS were very quick to label deaths as Covid, but now seem shy about commenting on what might lie behind non-covid deaths. The fact that this coincides with the spring vaccine booster campaign is likely the reason for their reluctance to mention it. ONS have a number of worrying statistics that they'd rather you didn't know. Data showing hospitalisation rates for non-covid reasons is also many times higher in the vaccinated compared with the unvaccinated, a fact that was first denied and then entirely ignored. Doesn't fit the narrative.


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