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21,000 Excess Deaths Since April 23rd Yet UK Government Remains Silent

If these were Covid cases there would have been a nation outcry and a six month lockdown, but as these are caused by the 'cure' they remain ignored by those supposedly concerned with our health.

As of last weekend there have been 21,238 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales in the 25 weeks since April 23rd. That is according to official data from the Office for National Statistics, released on Tuesday. This is 9% more than expected, based on an average of the previous five years. That rolling five year average that these figures now smash through include 2020 and 2021, when Britain was supposedly in the middle of the worst pandemic for 100 years. In reality, more people are dying now than ever were then.

In the week ending October 14th, the most recent week for which data are available, 11,699 deaths were registered in England and Wales, which is 1,608 (15.9%) above the five-year average for the week (that included the height of supposed covid deaths). Of these, 565 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate as a contributory cause and 374 mentioned COVID-19 as underlying cause, leaving a staggering 1,234 deaths from a different underlying cause.

Whilst a proportion of these deaths will be the fallout from Lockdowns the correlation between vaccine boosters and deaths is stark and only the blatantly stupid or the patently guilty would still deny the link.

Excess non-Covid deaths have remained high since the spring, as shown in the cumulative curve (by death registration date) below.



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